The exciting nature of a swimming competition!

A few minutes to swim – much more to wait – This is how competitions take place normally! The Swim Race Days are different – there will be no boredom! Due to the separation of age groups (2004– 2008 in the morning, 2003 and older in the afternoon), we avoid unnecessarily long breaks of the participating swimmers. Anyone who wants to follow the whole event can experience exciting competitions with modern formats, qualifications and finals. We also offer an educational program. Victory premiums, attractive prices as well as a light show and graceful victory ceremonies are waiting for our participants. You can´t look away from our races! Are you ready?


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Event Information

Feel welcome in Dortmund! Sightseeing around Dortmund and everything about the competition. Click on the icons to get more informations

Celebrate your Victories

Let your friends participate in the fun you have at the Swim Race Days. Post a picture public of you with the hashtag #rockthepool on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We are giving away a great prize among all participants.

1. Place

Winner photo 2017. v2i0c0k2y was pleased about a round flight. Congratulations!

2. Place

mara_2309 won second place, a skateboard.

3. Place

Markus Göke won the picnic blanket with an impressive 360 degree picture.



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